Tezos Delegation Service
We will shutdown TezMilk at cycle cycle 257 (July 23).
Please choose a new baker before that point.
We'll pay all due rewards until cycle 269.



You keep your own private key.
You can stop delegating at any time.


Rewards of approx. 7% per annum.
Payed every cycle (3 days).

100% uptime

Secure baker operation using state-of-the-art hardware with backups. We except 100% uptime.


We take care of everything.
Follow the guides and delegate to us.

6.5% dynamic fee

Low and fair fee.


No sign-up required.
Just delegate and earn rewards!

Delegate Address



What is a delegation service?

Tezos is a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) cryptocurrency, that means bakers (with a minimum of 10,000 XTZ) can create new blocks and earn rewards for it.
Running a baker solo is a daunting process as one needs to be careful about the baker's uptime and security, as well as getting 10,000 XTZ. A delegation service is a baker that accepts funds from other people to bake for them in return for a small fee.

Do I take any risks delegating funds to TezMilk?

All funds stay in your wallet. You only give us your rights to bake. There is no risk involved.

How much will I earn?

Tezos inflation is set at 5.5% per annum. Since all XTZ are not used for baking, the current return rate is around 11% per annum.

When will I get paid?

Delegation rewards are paid every cycle. It takes 7 cycles (~20 days) for your delegation rights to get assigned to us when you delegate. Then, the rewards are frozen for 6 cycles (~17 days).
For example, when you start delegating:

Cycle 30 - You delegate to TezMilk.
Cycle 37 - The Tezos Blockchain assigns your delegation rights to us.
Cycle 43 - Rewards from cycle 37 are unfrozen.
Cycle 44 - You get paid on your KT1 address.
Then we send your rewards every cycles.

What is the minimum you can delegate?

There is no minimum! We accept any amount. If you plan on delegating more than 30k XTZ, contact us so we can work out a fee arrangement.

Do you have a dashboard where I can check my stats?

No but you can check your rewards on Baking Bad by entering your KT1 address there.

How much XTZ do you have available for the bonds?

We currently have 15k XTZ available. This means we can accept a 170k XTZ staking balance. We are talking with investors to secure more funds. If you wish to participate to the bond pool, please contact us so we can work out an arrangement.

Why is the TezMilk team anonymous?

For both your and our security, making sure we don't get any interuptions in the delegation service.

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We are a team of software engineers, in the crypto-space since 2013.

We firmly believe in the success of the Tezos blockchain.

We are proudly based in Paris.